The Littlest Inventor

The cover of "The Littlest Inventor," a children's book authored by Mandi C. Mathis and illustrated Dan Ragogna. The cover features the titular inventor child. He proudly holds a grocery bag in his arms while dressed in his sensory-comfort gear.The little inventor stands with his parents, unsure about entering the grocery store.Left side of this illustration features the inventor child feeling uneasy. The right side is of the child expressing he has an idea.The inventor child exits his room while wearing his white lab coat. He proudly holds a box above his head.

The Littlest Inventor is a brilliantly colored picture book featuring a smart, sensitive boy with sensory issues. These issues make it challenging to experience something most of us have no problem with―i.e., a simple trip to the grocery store. However, by being self-aware, creative, and proactive, the littlest inventor succeeds in the very task he finds most difficult. He invents his own resources and tools to make the trip fun!

For those with sensory processing disorder (SPD), life can often be overwhelming. However, when equipped with knowledge to help ourselves and confidence to be ourselves, life becomes not just manageable, but enjoyable.

“There needs to be more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.” – Dr. Temple Grandin

The Littlest Inventor is authored by Mandi C. Ellis and illustrated by Dan Ragogna (credited as Mandi C. Mathis and Danielle Ragogna). Published by Sensory World © 2016. Each page was traditionally painted in watercolor.

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