Dan grew up in the small town of Watkinsville, GA. From the moment they picked up their first crayon, they knew they loved to create and draw. Inspired by childhood cartoons, Tim Burton, and fantasy & adventure RPGs, they spent their adolescent years creating a slue of original characters and fanart for their favorite games and comics.​

Since 2003, Dan has worked on developing their pet project, ODyssey, a fantasy-adventure comic. Until it debuts, Dan continues to experiment with new mediums, pursue new interests, and find space for more art supplies. A true challenge, indeed.

An image of Dan Ragogna, adorned with rainbow-colored hair, admiring a beautiful plate of crepes.
Strayarts.co owner Dan Ragogna pictured with their wife, Paige.

Dan's go-to mediums are ink, watercolor, marker, and a new favorite -- felt! Favorite subjects include animals, landscapes, and characters of all varieties.

Dan had spent most of their life in Athens, GA, when in 2021 they relocated to Maryland. They happily live with their wife, Paige (pictured left), and their 4 kitties: Queenie, Demi, Roan, and Rayla.