Felt Creations

Each felt creation is carefully designed, hand-sewn, and hand-painted. If you're interested in a custom felt creation, please email Dan at dan@strayarts.co. They will need the following information for your order:

  • Photo reference if it's of a person, pet, character, or other copyrighted material.

  • Type of creation (see examples below).

  • *Due date if applicable -- is it a gift you need by a certain time?​

*This is especially important as everything is hand-made. Typically, a single item is finished within 2 days. More details may need more time.

Pricing could change if your order is deemed simpler or more complex. Total pricing and payment options will be discussed after your order is finalized. Payment will be due before your order is started!

Prices below do not include shipping. Please ask for a quote!

$15 for a Nude character doll. No extra features.

$20 for a Basic character doll. Includes minimal clothing and/or accessories.

$35 for a Clothed character doll. Includes layered clothing and/or a few accessories.

$40+ for a Complex character doll. Includes layered clothing, many accessories, and/or additional pieces (e.g. wings, tails, etc.).