The Littlest Inventor

The Littlest Inventor is a children's book by Mandi C. Mathis. It draws inspiration from her youngest son and how he copes with Sensory Processing Disorder.


Dan was approached by Mandi with her idea in early 2015. They submitted sample drawings and the manuscript to for a publishing opportunity.

Throughout the fall of 2015, Dan worked directly with Mandi on the Littlest Inventor's design along with dialogue tweaks and storyboard changes. In total there are 21 watercolor drawings that tell the story of The Littlest Inventor. 

The Littlest Inventor was released on June 30, 2016. Mandi and Dan held a book release party at Avid Bookshop complete with a "The Littlest Inventor drawing tutorial" taught by Dan.

BookReleaseFlyer - HighRes.jpg