The Littlest Inventor

The Littlest Inventor is a children's book that was a dream of author Mandi C. Mathis inspired by one of her sons with Aspergers and how he copes with Sensory Processing Disorder.


Mandi is a long-time family-friend that approached me with her idea in early 2015. I did a couple of sample drawings for her and they, along with the manuscript, were submitted to, where each entry is reviewed and a small selection have the opportunity to be published.

From there began the discussion and planning period of the story's development. I worked with Mandi interpersonally on the Littlest Inventor's design and utility belt as well as dialogue tweaks and story board changes. Over the course of the next few months I began work on the 21 watercolor drawings that tell the story of The Littlest Inventor. Working with Mandi and to meet deadlines and publishing requirements was quite the new experience! I had a lot of fun helping Mandi's little inventor come to life through my artwork and had a great sense of pride when it came time to submit my hard work for publishing in January 2016.

The Littlest Inventor was released June 30, 2016. Mandi and I held a book release party at Avid Bookshop complete with a book reading and The Littlest Inventor drawing tutorial held by each of us respectively. It was nerve-racking, but a lot of fun! It was great to meet-and-greet with people excited to see the book published. We went on to hold more book events, including ones at the University of Georgia's Alumni Night and our local library.

Art & Illustrations © 2018 STRAYARTS / Dan Ragogna

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