ODyssey FAQ & Character Info

What is ODyssey?


A low-high fantasy comic I've been working on for many years. Below is its synopsis:

A young Catgon, Magic Caster, travels through a wormhole from her home of Repta to the strange world of Earth in search of her missing brother. As if things aren't stressful enough, she learns that her kind is dangerously close to eradication! With plans dangerously nearing completion, it's a race to find her brother and prevent the genocide of Catgon-kind!

Anything I should  know before reading?

Anything I should  know before reading?

Please be advised when reading. There is a fair amount of language, fantasy/realistic violence, and blood. If you're sensitive to any of this material, this story may not be for you.

Is it related to Homer's Odyssey? 

It's not related to the Odyssey directly. I chose to mimic the epic poem's title because it's one of my favorite stories where I pull a lot of inspiration. I don't know if my story matches up on the same scale, but I hope it's a grand adventure in one way or another!

Can I bug you with a question that ins't answered here?

Absolutely! Head over to the Contact page with any questions you have, be they ODyssey-related or otherwise.​

Character  Profiles

Magic Caster

species: fire class catgon

height: 5" 0"

DOB: Jan. 1st

age: 30

identity: female (she/her)

Manner Zillis

species: specialty human

height: 5' 6"

DOB: Oct. 6th

age: 23

identity: male (he/him)


Rude Zillis

species: specialty human

height: 6" 0"

DOB: May 25th

age: 21

identity: transwoman (she/her)


species: Scavenger

height: 6' 0"

DOB: unknown

age: a few millennia

identity: sexless (he/him)



species: android

height: 5' 3"

DOB: Nov. 5th

age: 25+

identity: sexless (he/him)


Aria "Arson"

species: specialty human

height: 5' 10"

DOB: Apr. 9th

age: 29

identity: female (she/her)


Soga Colt

species: specialty human

height: 5' 8"

DOB: Mar. 5th

age: 27

identity: male (he/him)



species: Flake Demon

height: 7' 5"

DOB: unknown

age: 200+

identity: male (he/him)